Compliments on New Wheel Trans Bus Report

We were very pleased to see the comprehensive report Barry Thrasher, the Director of Public Works for Cobourg, prepared for Council. We felt he deserved to be recognized and hope that the other directors will use this as a model in their reports to Council. Below is the email sent to Barry Thrasher, copying Council.

Dear Barry

We are writing to compliment you on the professional and business-like recommendation you made to council at the March 27th Committee of the Whole meeting regarding the purchase of a new “wheel trans” bus. Your recommendation is a breath of fresh air. The relevant facts are there, including the cost and funding information. The cost even includes the 1.75% non-refundable HST.

Your report is dated March 8th and we note that the purchase must be made before March 31 in order to avoid a pending price hike. Will council have time to approve your recommendation before the deadline?

This is definitely the direction we would like to see going forward and would like to see your work used as a consistent model the other directors could follow.

Cobourg Taxpayers Association

We did receive a reply from Councillor Forrest Rowden saying “…This is on Mon. Agenda so will likely get approved as council did get funding for this bus.”