Election 2022

It is time for you to decide who should make the important decisions that govern our lives. Several incumbents are running and you now get to decide if they earned your vote or if new candidates have better qualifications and campaigns that deserve your vote.

We will highlight the issues that are important to all of us and remind you of how incumbents voted on important issues.
We have also included the campaign material from the 2018 election so you could check whether the 2018 elected candidates fulfilled their campaign promises.

There are other resources we will provide links to and will also publish candidates’ campaign material. 

This is your chance to decide how our Town and County should be governed. 

Check out which Councillors voted for increased spending!


October 5, 2022

Think Rather Than Spend!

Some candidates believe spending more will get them elected. They try to entice voters with their expensive campaign promises that they will fulfil once elected. Spending more is the easy way (we think of it as lazy) that requires no thinking.

Ask candidates to explain how they will do better.

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October 2, 2022

The Next Mayor Needs to do Better

Whether John Henderson or Lucas Cleveland is elected as the next mayor, they will need to do a lot better than the current mayor. The next mayor needs to be transparent and accountable.

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September 29, 2022

How Not to Vote!

We all know how to cast our vote but how we actually vote is sometimes totally different.  Some vote alphabetically or by doing eeny-meeny-miny-mo.

Let’s look at how not to vote.

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September 26, 2022

Public Engagement or Public Consultation?

In the last election, candidates focused on how they would improve public engagement. In this election, very little mention is made of public engagement. We think it is very important and do not believe Council has been successful in establishing a true public engagement process.

Let’s talk about public engagement and public consultation and what the differences are.

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September 24, 2022

Climate Change is Real

This is a contentious issue, and we are not here to debate the issue. We want to provide you with some information to think about and let you decide. Mayor Henderson is proposing hiring a Climate Change Officer. Why? 

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September 22, 2022

Transit Seems Not to be Going in the Right Direction

We seem to never get it right when it comes to transit. We keep throwing money at transit hoping that this will solve the problem. It doesn’t. It is no surprise that some candidates as part of their election platform are talking about a transit master plan. This means another large expenditure for a consultant report that will be received for information purposes and gather dust.

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September 20, 2022

What Makes for a Good Councillor and an Even Better Mayor?

Councillors work hard for the residents, but some rarely work with them.  Do the candidates running for election have what it takes to be a good Councillor or Mayor? Read what it takes and then you decide.

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September 17, 2022

Affordable Housing – Why can’t we fix it?

There is no easy answer for something that causes so much hardship for so many. Most of it comes down to responsibility and accountability. We have been impressed by Michael Sprayson, a new candidate running for Council. He has some clear action plans that can be acted upon quickly by a new Council.

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September 16, 2022

It Won’t Cost Taxpayers Anything

When someone says this, they are mostly either misleading you or do not understand themselves whose money it is.
Find out where the money that won’t cost taxpayers anything comes from.

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September 15, 2022

Does Town Staff or Council Run This Town?

Councillors approved using a consultant to do the User Fee study with a vote of 4 to 2 in favour. To read more about how some Councillors cannot say “NO!” to almost everything Town staff bring forward.

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September 13, 2022

Cobourg Tax Increase Not Acceptable

Although the average increase for the 2022 Town’s Property tax was 4.1%, the overall operating budget increased 6.3%. Two of the Councillors voted against this significant increase. The others who voted to increase your taxes significantly now need to explain themselves to you. 

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Recorded Votes for the 2022 Budget

We summarized the recorded voting from the 2022 Budget Meeting. Which Councillors voted to increase spending?

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Mayor Candidates

 John Henderson
  Web site: Henderson4Mayor.ca
  Email:      jhenderson4Mayor@gmail.com
     Campaign material

 Lucas Cleveland
  Web site:  https://www.lucasforcobourg.ca/
  Email:       lucasforcobourg@gmail.com
      Campaign material

Deputy Mayor Candidates

 Suzanne Seguin
  Web site: https://www.suzanneseguin.ca/
  Email:      sseguin@bell.net
      Campaign material

 Nicole Beatty
  Web site: www.nicolebeatty.ca
  Email:      hello@nicolebeatty.ca
      Campaign material

Councillor Candidates

 Adam Bureau
  Web site: https://adambureau.ca/
  Email:      adamb5657@gmail.com

 Aaron Burchat
  Web site: https://www.aaronburchat.ca/
  Email:      aburchat1@gmail.com
      Campaign material

 Johnny Percolides
  Web site: TBA
  Email:       johnnyrealestate@bell.net

 Brian Darling
  Web site: https://www.briandarling4council.com/
  Email:      bfdarling@sympatico.ca
     Campaign material

 Miriam Mutton
  Web site: https://miriam4council.ca/
  Email:      mmutton@cogeco.ca
     Campaign material

 Michael Sprayson
  Web site: https://michaelsprayson.ca/
  Email:      vote@michaelsprayson.ca
      Campaign material

 Sara Gardinier
  Web site: TBA
  Email:      saragardinier@hotmail.com
      Campaign material

 Randy Barber
  Web site: https://randybarber.ca/
  Email:      randy.barber1947@gmail.com 
     Campaign material

 Ashley Bouman
  Web site: https://www.ashleybouman.ca/
  Email:      ashleybouman@gmail.com
     Campaign material

 Mark Mills
  Web site: https://www.electmarkmills.com/
  Email:      electmarkmills@gmail.com
      Campaign material