What we are about...

  • A taxpayer’s organization is far more than lobbying for lower taxes or good governance.
  • It’s about demanding and promoting transparency, efficiency, accountability, fiscal responsibility, and a workable governance structure.
  • It’s about listening and acting on what the people say and using the power of direct democracy (referendums) in deciding issues that affect the community as a whole.
  • It’s about clearing the roadblocks and red tape that stand in the way of economic growth and being able to operate a successful business in Town. ​
  • It’s about ending the waste that costs everyone money.
  • It’s about teaching Council to say “no” to special interests and those who feel they are entitled to their entitlements.
  • It’s about introducing new thinking to the delivery of town services and getting the best bang for our buck.
  • It’s about countering the unreasonable demands of unionized town workers for more pay and benefits while the rest of us have to live within our means.It’s about building prosperity and a discipline within our local municipality to focus on the core services that everyone needs and expects.
  • It’s about breaking down “empires” within Town Hall and putting Council in charge once again instead of senior staff.

The Cobourg Taxpayers Association is a provincially incorporated not-for profit organization. Our initial funding to start the organization came from the founding members. We plan to solicit donations from those who support the organization to help offset printing, web hosting, advertising, event and other similar costs. We do not and will not accept donations from any level of government or partisan organization. Our Board of Directors and Advisory Committee  are all volunteers.