Contact Town Staff?

Contact information for the Town.

Town of Cobourg
55 King Street West
Cobourg, ON  K9A 2M2

Phone: 905-372-4301
Toll Free: 1-888-972-4301
Fax: 905-372-7558

To speak with a specific employee, call 905-372-4301 and simply say the name of the person you would like to reach. Most Town of Cobourg email addresses have the same format: first initial, last name, e.g.

The Town does have a web site page that lists key Town Staff and Departments with their emails and phone numbers. The information can be found here:

Town of Cobourg Contact Information

Senior Management Contact Information

Tracey Vaughan – Chief Administrative Officer
(905) 269-372-4301

Ian Davey – Director of Corporate Services/Treasurer
(905) 372-8944

Glenn McGlashon – Director of Planning and Development
(905) 372-1005

Laurie Wills – Director of Public Works

Teresa Behan – Deputy Director of Community Services
(905) 372-8641