Judicial inquiry points to holes in Ontario’s Integrity Rules

A Collingwood judicial inquiry found numerous conflicts of interest pointing to the need for the province to plug holes in its laws around municipal politicians’ conflicts of interest.

The 914 page report with 306 recommendations covers unfair bidding practices, unfair procurement practices, conflicts of interest, inaccurate and misleading town council reports, the misuse and inappropriate disclosure of the town’s confidential information.

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Senior Brampton City Hall staff approved secret $1.25M bonus slush fund

An unprecedented abuse of taxpayer dollars by the City of Brampton’s former top executives, who approved secretive non-union bonuses worth $1.25 million—including payments for “favouritism” that could have gone to themselves—has been revealed in an internal audit report.

City’s audit committee to tackle $1.25M in staff bonuses that could not be tracked 
Brampton residents, councillors demand police probe into secret $1.25M staff fund

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