Judicial inquiry points to holes in Ontario’s Integrity Rules

A Collingwood judicial inquiry found numerous conflicts of interest pointing to the need for the province to plug holes in its laws around municipal politicians’ conflicts of interest.

The 914 page report with 306 recommendations covers unfair bidding practices, unfair procurement practices, conflicts of interest, inaccurate and misleading town council reports, the misuse and inappropriate disclosure of the town’s confidential information.

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Cobourg Taxpayers Association Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

The Cobourg Taxpayers association (CTA) is celebrating its five year anniversary.

There has been so much that has happened over the five years and with your help, we have accomplished so much. 

We have made numerous presentations and delegations, sent letters and emails to Council, met with individual Councillors and Town staff, and have spoken out when we felt residents were unfairly treated. 

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Cobourg’s New CAO

We would like to welcome Tracey Vaughan as Cobourg’s new Chief Administrative Office (CAO).

This is a very unsettling time, where residents are concerned about their health and safety, their employment, paying their bills, not losing their home, and and how our Town will cope with meeting their needs without adversely affecting them.

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Northumberland 2021 Financial Framework Survey

Northumberland County Council and staff are seeking feedback from residents about areas of focus for the County’s current and long-term financial priorities.

Each year, Northumberland County engages with residents to review and confirm financial priorities as staff prepare a draft budget and updated long-term financial plan for Council’s review and consideration.

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