Northumberland Medical Arts Inc wants $312K fees waived for new building

As reported on the Cobourg

At the next COW meeting on October 19, the group managing the new building on Hospital owned land is asking for a waiver of $312,000 in fees.

According to the agenda for the C.O.W. meeting, the letter will be presented by “Jack Russell, Chair, Northumberland Hills Hospital Board/Director Northumberland Medical Arts Inc., and Tracy West, Coordinator, West Northumberland Physician Recruitment”. The current status of the project is that citizens have pledged $3 million in bonds and a mortgage for $7 million is being sought. So far, $5,500 in fees to the Town have been paid for a site plan application fee/deposit. Additional fees are expected of $240,000 for development charges and building permit fees of $72,000.

The justification is that the work is being done by a not-for-profit corporation and the building will be ultimately owned by the Hospital (More on proposed building here). They also point to benefits to the whole community from this development. They hope to start work in the Fall of 2015. Download their letter to Council here.

Posted By: Cobourg Taxpayers Association
On September 28th, the Cobourg Taxpayers Association (CTA) provided Council with a written brief that included a series of recommendations on how the town’s proposed revised Municipal Grants Policy could be substantially improved and strengthened.

The request by Northumberland Medical Arts Inc. for relief from building permit fees and development charges of $312,000 (or a donation of this amount to offset these costs) does not meet the criteria recommended by the CTA. The full study and recommendations are here

The CTA strongly opposes the request that has been submitted and trusts that Council will make the right decision and decline it.

Lydia Smith
President, Cobourg Taxpayers Association