CTA Provides Input to Waterfront Consultants

The Cobourg Taxpayers Association met with the Waterfront Consultants, thinc design, to provide input on some key points with regards to the waterfront. Highlights of the input:

  • The need to distinguish between wants versus needs. We have asked that a clear needs/wants definition and designation be provided for each project.
  • We ask that the consulting solutions should be simple and cost-effective.
  • With regards to the Trailer Park, we are opposed to the area being used for a boutique hotel/spa and believe that the waterfront belongs to the people of Cobourg.
  • Improve the financial viability of the Marina.
  • A Travel Lift is not financially viable.

You can read the complete report provided to the consultants here:

Enhancing Quality of Life in Cobourg

You can listen to the meeting with the Consultants here: