CTA Asks Council to Reject PMP Implementation Phase One

The Cobourg Taxpayers Association (CTA) has done an initial review of the Parks Master Plan (PMP) Implementation Phase 1 report prepared by Director Hustwick.

In his report, the Director makes three main recommendations. The CTA respectfully asks Council to reject these recommendations for the reasons outlined below:

  1. Approve Implementation of the 2013 Parks Master Plan
    As has been pointed out previously, the PMP was never approved or endorsed by Council. It was simply “received”, indicating, in our view, a lack of confidence in the plan. The PMP is now three years out of date and it would seem prudent to consider updating it before any consideration is given to implementation approval.

  2. Procurement of Expert Services
    We assume his proposal means a consultant’s study costing $45,000 or more, adding to the eight prior studies in the past five years, estimated to have cost several hundred thousand dollars. We believe that most Cobourg residents would be hard pressed to find tangible benefits resulting from these studies.

    We think that the Director should focus on bringing the Cobourg Community Centre’s million-dollar annual cost in excess of revenue under control. With regard to the restaurant, we don’t understand the apparent fascination and need to compete with the Town’s existing businesses.

  3. New Hire – Recreation Coordinator
    As with the preceding recommendation, there is no cost benefit analysis, business case, job description or list of accountabilities provided and no indication as to how this new hire benefits the Cobourg community.

In summary, the Cobourg Taxpayers Association is not entirely opposed to the Director’s direction and concept. We do find that the report lacks the information needed by Council to assess the proposals, support due diligence and make informed financially responsible decisions.

The full letter can be viewed here:

CTA Letter on PMP Implementation