Municipalities Have Options

In recent weeks, Toronto Mayor John Tory has slammed the Ford government’s spending plans, arguing that proposed funding levels for municipalities will lead to service reductions. City officials have chimed in, arguing these changes may also necessitate tax increases.

Toronto (as do other municipalities) has other options, including curbing spending on its wage bill for city employees, reducing administrative costs and reforming public services so they’re as good or better—at lower cost.

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As Tourism Booms, Amsterdam Shifts to Damage Control

Earlier this month, a report from the Netherlands Tourist Board announced a remarkable policy change: Acknowledging that “more is not always better,” the board will no longer actively promote its country as a tourist destination. Instead, straining under the pressure of a booming tourism scene, the board will focus on redistributing the visitors it already has, operating as a sort of tourism damage control for popular vacation hotspots.

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