How Not to Vote!

We all know how to cast our vote but how we actually vote is sometimes totally different.

Let’s look at how not to vote.

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        Yes, some people do vote this way. Some vote by doing eeny-meeny-miny-mo. Don’t do this!

      • Voting for incumbents just because they were on Council.
        It does not mean they did a good job. Look at their voting record. Check here to see who approved spending more.

      • Candidates that promise they will solve all the problems, especially social issues.
        Social issues are better dealt with at the upper levels of government that have the funding and ability to make the policy changes to address these issues. 

      • Campaign platforms that have minimal information.
        It is difficult to vote for someone if you don’t know what they are going to do after they are elected.

      • Campaign platforms that have too much information.
        They are trying to address and appeal to every type of voter. Do not be fooled by this.

      • Using words that have no substantive actions.
        Words such as work with, support, practice, encourage are used to make it appear as if they are doing something of value. What they are really saying is someone else is responsible for these actions, but I will take credit for it.

      • Candidates who tell you about the master plans they will develop.
        This will mean hiring expensive consultants to generate reports that will end up in a filing cabinet gathering dust.

      • Addressing an issue by identifying that they will hire someone to be responsible for this issue.
        You cannot spend your way to address an issue. Hiring more people, such as a Climate Change Officer is trying to show that they are doing something because they don’t have an alternative. Spending more money is not the answer.

      • Disagreeing with a candidate on one issue.
        Agreeing with a candidate on most of their platform but not voting for them because of disagreeing with them on one issue. Vote for the candidate that is competent to do what needs to be done on the issues you do agree with.

      • Operational and bylaw issues that you want them to address.
        Town staff are responsible for fixing these. Council deals with policy issues, setting the budget, and creating bylaws. Contact the Town to address these issues; don’t base your vote on them.

      • They came to my door, and they seemed to be a nice person.
        This is not a popularity contest although sometimes it appears that way.

      • The candidate likes dogs.
        Dogs are man’s best friend, but pets are not relevant to doing a good job on Council.

We focused on how not to vote because many people do vote this way.

The way to vote is to learn as much as you can about the candidates and their platforms.

Check out their communications – brochures, web sites, newsletters.

Talk to them when they come to your neighbourhood.

Email them or call them and talk to them about the issues that matter to you.

Be an informed voter before you cast that ballot.