Trouble Seeing Council Video Recording

From: Lydia Smith 

Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 9:36 PM
To: John Henderson <>
Cc: Aaron Burchat <>; Brian Darling <>; Debra McCarthy <>; Forrest Rowden <>; Gil Brocanier <>; Suzanne Séguin <>
Subject: Trouble Seeing Council Video Recording

Hi John

I am writing to let you know that I am unable to see the video recording of last night’s COW.  I think that I need to install Flash Player on my computer. 

I believe that civic web should have that functionality built into it.  Not everyone is 100% computer literate.  I assume that the web site was meant to have that functionality.  If I was able to scroll down in the yellow box (see screen shot attachment below), I expect that I could click something which would allow me to install Flash right then and there. 

FYI – other people I spoke with this afternoon were not able to access the video recording either.

John, I have copied the other councillors because I think this issue directly relates to what the CTA expressed in our Email to you yesterday.  Please give direction to the CAO to get Back to Basics and fix some of these outstanding issues.  Why, after all this time, can’t we get it right?

When might I hear back from you that this issue has been resolved?

As an aside, I Googled, “Port Hope Council Meeting video recording”.  Clicking on the link brought up a large screen of the most recent council meeting with a big arrow to click to start. 

Thank you for your service.


Lydia Smith


From: John Henderson [
Sent: May-30-17 10:18 PM
To: Lydia Smith
Cc: Aaron Burchat; Brian Darling; Debra McCarthy; Forrest Rowden; Gil Brocanier; Suzanne Séguin
Subject: RE: Trouble Seeing Council Video Recording


Yes, I will have this on the General Government agenda and with the return of Ashley Purdy, Communications Officer and I can share your concern and work towards a resolution. I will contact you next week with our progress.


From: Gil Brocanier [
Sent: May-31-17 6:43 AM
To: John Henderson
Cc: Lydia Smith; Aaron Burchat; Brian Darling; Debra McCarthy; Forrest Rowden; Suzanne Séguin
Subject: Re: Trouble Seeing Council Video Recording

Yes John, I spoke with Ashley about this yesterday and she confirms that Flash player is a basic requirement to watch videos and is not unique to our web streaming. It is free and easily installed.