Thank You to All Our Supporters

For those of you who may not have heard, the $312K NMAI waiver was declined (6-1) at this past Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting. (See Press Release here). Without the CTA and your involvement, we believe the waiver would have been approved by Council last fall. This is a significant victory for the CTA and Cobourg taxpayers.

The directors would like to thank everyone for their vigilance, persistence and hard work on this important issue.

We would like to thank those councillors who listened and were willing to take a second look.

We would especially like to thank you, our supporters, who rallied around us and sent out over 100 Emails to each of the councillors over one weekend demanding more answers and more due diligence. We have no doubt that this is what turned the tide. Your voice matters. And we were heard.

Supporters have told us how they feel about the rejection of the NMAI waiver…

  • Thank you for your due diligence in regards to our tax dollars. –KM
  • SUPBERB!!! That is one down, amazing work, thank you for the dedication, talent and perseverance of all involved!!! –LC
  • Hurray! The greatest thanks goes to the Board. –ML
  • Congrats…and big thanks for all your hard work –JS
  • Way to Go! Well Done. Thank you all for your hard work. –GW
  • Well done CTA, without you, where would we be –CF
  • Good job, Cobourg taxpayers will be pleased. –RH
  • Congratulations on your victory of the NMAI. The CTA had a huge impact on the decision of council. You should be over the moon with excitement!!! –FT
  • Well done you and your team, if they want to build there than they should pay the bill. –LN
  • Congratulations to All! The spin-off from this issue will no doubt affect future similar requests and how Council deals with them. –MM
  • YAHOO…! You are absolutely right, you guys are amazing. I have been telling everyone about the great work you all have been doing on behalf of Cobourg tax payers. THANK YOU SO MUCH –JP
  • Congratulations. Very clearly, this would have gone through without CTA. –HK
  • Way to go CTA !!!!! I think the public is awakening after so many years of allowing the council to run the town and you and the CTA have played a major role in it! I’m very disappointed in Debra McCarthy. As an aside , I still am puzzled why HoldCo, chaired by Brocanier ,is a closed shop with no information on its books/procedures available to the public and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change! -BT
  • Thank you to the CTA for your hard work on this one “for putting Their Feet to The Fire”!! This is a HUGE WIN for Cobourg Tax Payers!! -ST
  • Congrats on the NMAI thing….hard work pays off…now to get those books of Holdco opened up…I think if enough pressure by Cobourgs 99% and Cramahe’s 1% taxpayers they might cave in…Mayor Coombs already knows he is under a microscope… -KA