Storm Water Management

The new storm water fee bylaw was passed and became effective July 1, 2022. The Council meeting on December 19, 2022, approved the rates to be charged on your LUSI bill starting in 2023.

This will be an additional charge (i.e. tax) you will see on your LUSI bill. Property taxes will not go down as a result of this now being a separate charge. 

Here is the information on the storm water management report and bylaw.

Stormwater Delegations/Letters to Council

December 19, 2022 delegations

  1. January 31, 2024 delegations 

Council motion at January 31, 2024 Regular Council Meeting

WHEREAS at the Public Works, Planning, and Development Standing Committee meeting on January 10, 2024, the Committee considered a
delegation from Colline Boll and the Woodward Family regarding Stormwater Charges and to present recommendations and Community Petition.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council receive the petition from Colline Bell and Woodward family regarding Stormwater Charges for information purposes; and

FURTHER THAT Council direct Staff to review the suggested $200.00 residential cap and report back on Impacts to stormwater revenue.

FURTHER THAT Council direct Staff to engage the authoring consultant to review the stormwater rate study and bring a report back to Council with alternative approaches;

AND FURTHER THAT all correspondence and speakers’ material from the Regular Council Meeting be recognized and acknowledged to be added to the first recital of the resolution and to be considered by Staff and the Consultant in the review.


Letter to Council April 16, 2024

Colline Bell and Andrew Ferguson on behalf of the Stormwater Citizen’s Coalition

Cities With Stormwater Fees (Sample)

This is a sample of four cities and how they apply stormwater rates.

In Mississauga, charges are calculated based on the amount of hard surface on your property. A stormwater assessment is updated based on the most recent aerial imagery available to the city. Subsidies are provided for farms, churches, and others. Credits are available for multi-residential and non-residential properties.

Markham charges a flat fee for residential properties and for non-residential, a fee per $200k of Current Value assessment.

Guelph charges a flat fee for residential properties and for non-residential, a calculation is done of the surface area occupied by impervious surfaces.
Non-residential can apply for a credit based upon certain criteria.

Ottawa charges a flat fee for residential. For non-residential, the current stormwater rate structure is driven by assessment value, land use codes and other factors such as property type and service area. Farms, vacant land and forested lands were exempted from paying for stormwater pending a future review.

Toronto Stormwater Proposal

Other municipalities with stormwater fees

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