Public Works Building – Where are the alternatives?

Another important issue has come up that could have a big impact on our taxes. It will be up for final vote in Council this Monday December 7.

Mayor Brocanier and five other Councillors voted at Committee of the Whole on November 30th to spend $4 million of our money so the Public Works building can move into new digs at the town-owned Northam Industrial Park. Only Deputy Mayor John Henderson voted against it. He said you don’t know if it makes sense until properly compared to other alternatives.

The CTA does not object to new quarters for Parks and Recreation; however, we agree with Deputy Mayor Henderson that the cost/benefits analysis was inadequate. Primarily, no alternate solutions were properly explored. Paul Pagnuelo and Warren McCarthy did a delegation to Council about this issue in the past. To see their delegation or for a more detailed discussion of this issue, please see this link on our web site.

If you agree with us and object to Council spending our tax dollars without proper analysis of alternatives, please contact town councillors by phone or email immediately; otherwise, it will become a done deal at the upcoming council meeting on Monday December 7th.

Please phone or compose your own email, or use the sample below. Could you please send a blind copy (bcc:) to ? It will tell us how many supporters acted on this email request. Thank you for your wonderful support!


Dear Mayor Brocanier
I am writing to tell you that I am opposed to the proposed move of Public Works to Northam Industrial Park without a more detailed cost/benefit analysis.
Lydia Smith

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Together, we can make a difference to stop wasting our tax dollars.

Contact information for each Councillor can be found here:

Contact Information