No Printed Waterfront Surveys Available at Library

From: Lydia Smith
Sent: June 2, 2017 3:34 PM
To: John Henderson <>; Brian Darling <>; Suzanne Séguin <>
Cc: Councillor Aaron Burchat <>; Debra McCarthy <>; Forrest Rowden <>; Gil Brocanier <>

Subject: No Printed Waterfront Surveys Available at Library

Dear John, Brian and Suzanne

I am writing to you within the context of your respective roles in government services, parks and recreation and accessibility.

Yesterday, I went to the library to pick up a printed copy of the waterfront survey.  When I asked, they had none on the main floor and sent me upstairs.  When I asked there, I was directed to the last copy.

Today (about 24 hours later), I went back to pick up another copy for a senior friend who is in her mid 90s.  She uses a cane/sometimes a walker.

They had no surveys downstairs and sent me upstairs again.  When I asked upstairs, they had no copies left.  The reference librarian tried to get the survey from the Email she had received from Kara Euale.  That took her to the online survey – not to one that she could print out.  She called the library CEO (who had brought in the printed copies) with no luck.  Then she called Heather Viscount who indicated that the Town provided the printed surveys.  I was advised to go to Victoria Hall or to come back.

This is just not good enough.  Not only is it another example of gaps in Town processes but it is also an accessibility issue:  the survey was not easily visible, it was not easily accessible on the main floor (or on the 2nd floor) and the expectation was that the customer could either come back another time or go to Victoria Hall for it.  This is not an easy task for someone in their 90s with mobility issues.

We reiterate that there seems to be a lack of systems, checks/balances and accountability.  We would like to see council give direction to the CAO to get back to basics.

In the meantime, could you advise as to where/how I might be able to get another printed copy?  Dennis has suggested that a PDF copy of the survey provided on the Town’s website would make it easy for the library (or me now) to print it out.



Lydia Smith
Cobourg Taxpayers Association

Replies and Updates

From: Suzanne Séguin []
Sent: June-02-17 3:50 PM
To: Lydia Smith; John Henderson; Brian Darling
Cc: Councillor Aaron Burchat ; Debra McCarthy; Forrest Rowden; Gil Brocanier
Subject: RE: No Printed Waterfront Surveys Available at Library

Hi Lydia,

I have contacted Kara Euale at the Town and she is printing 20 copies of the Waterfront Survey this afternoon and will drop them off at the Library today. I have also asked for a couple extra and can drop them off tonight to you directly for yourself and for your senior friend.


Suzanne Séguin
Community Services Coordinator
Cobourg Town Council
Cell Number: 905-269-1560

6/3/2017 Update: “Councillor Suzanne Séguin delivered two questionnaires to Ms. Smith’s home.”