First CTA Supporters Meeting November 21, 2015 at the CCC

Warren McCarthy gave a brief history of how the CTA came into existence. Lydia Smith, CTA President, outlined what the CTA is all about. You can view the complete details of what the CTA stands for by viewing it here. Dennis Nabieszko, CTA Secretary, asked supporters to identify their issues and help to prioritize the ones the CTA is working on. He also said that the CTA is limited in time and resources, and asked for supporters to become volunteers to help out.

Here are the current top issues that that CTA is working on:

  1. Holdco
  2. Cost Benefit Analysis
  3. Cobourg Community Centre
  4. Downtown Vitalization and CIVI
  5. Council Governance
  6. Protection Services Issue: Police and Fire

Thanks go to Warren McCarthy and Ted Williams for the work they did in setting up this First CTA Supporters meeting.

A very heartfelt thanks to all of the supporters who came out and for your generosity. We are truly thankful for your support!