Question 3 Comments

If elected, will you at a minimum hold quarterly meetings with the public? (e.g. coffee chat / meet and greet / town hall)

Nicole Beatty
I would like to add the following: As Councillor, my offering to engage with the public is through a commitment of maintaining an active Councillor blog, e-newsletter and presence on social media.  I will also promote an open door policy by maintaining weekly public office hours where residents can come meet with me to bring forward any ideas, issues or insight.

Karl Vom Dorff
If elected, I would personally public a monthly or quarterly blog explaining my actions on council. If coffee chats, meet and greets or town hall meetings are also necessary, I would facilitate this.

Miriam Mutton
I believe the communications ‘tool kit’ for Council and Citizens needs both input from Council and the public and this outreach should take place as soon as possible in the term of the new Council.  Further, I would like to see each member of Council have regular and periodic office hours at Town Hall in designated space for this use (space can be shared and rotated on a schedule). Also, regular Town Hall meetings are a good idea and could take place before a Council meeting, for example, with a stated purpose.

Aaron Burchat
Yes I would be open to meet and greet of some kind.

Travis Hoover
I am fully committed to engaging citizens in a variety of ways, and in a variety of locations

John Henderson
I would like to have discussions with the new Council on instituting Quarterly meetings that would begin at 6 p.m. (similar to our Public Meetings) with Council’s Strategic Plan updates, Budget updates and an opportunity for citizens to present their ideas/concerns to Council. This would result in an extended period of time to continue Council-community dialogue and allow us to maintain our more, formal business –oriented Council sessions. We would need to work with the Town Clerk to ensure any newly-developed guidelines/procedures are within the Municipal Act as there would be a “quorum” of Council which means that more than four members are present. I believe this can be done and would enhance our current communications with the public.

Lastly, as indicated in my platform, I am open to having an organization like Place Speak (Canadian company) to assist with critical question(s) that affect the community at large. Again, I would like to have the opportunity to discuss this with members of the new Council. This is another forum in which to gain community responses in real-time.

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