Question 2 Comments

If elected, will you put forward or support a motion early in 2019 to prevent any expansion of boat slips in the Heritage Harbour?

Karl Vom Dorff
If elected, I would support a motion similar to Suzanne Séguin’s (found here). It would prevent the harbour’s expansion for the next four years. I am not against expansion of the marina itself – as long as it’s within the current existing footprint and isn’t to the detriment of various non-motorized water sports (i.e dragonboat and kayaking clubs) in terms of real estate required for their sports (more slips). We need a solution that is equitable to all that use and enjoy our harbour. The disintegrating East pier should be prioritized.

Randy Curtis
To be clear I would not support any motion to add boat slips west of the centre pier. However I would support minor adjustments if a business case could be made to enhance slip revenue’s under the existing slip footprint.

Miriam Mutton
I do not support installation of small craft boat slip structures on the west side of the centre pier in light of other existing uses in the same space.  I would like to see results of the new Council’s strategic visioning session, held in public and typically early in the new year, before considering a motion and whether it is needed.

Aaron Burchat
I do not support expansion of slips into the west harbour. I would like to investigate other options for reconfiguring the east harbour to potentially add more slips there, as well as converting some of the transient slips to seasonal. I believe we need to consider such changes, and possibly increase rates, in order to maintain profitability for the marina going forward, without having to sacrifice the natural west harbour.

Travis Hoover
I would need to know exactly what the motion would say before I could ever agree to supporting or not supporting it.

John Henderson
I stated in 2014 that the West Harbor must address the concerns of all stakeholders including the Walking Clubs, Survivor Thrivors, Cobourg Dragon Boat and Canoe Club, Willow Beach Naturalists, the Cobourg Yacht Club, Boaters and the general Public (walkers). This defined area also supports the United Way Campaign-Challenge the Dragon and other related community events such as the Cobourg Waterfront Festival. It needs to be equitable in terms of how the west harbor and lands are used. Therefore I would not support harbor expansion based on my above comments.

I would work with the new Council to examine the East Pier (needs assessment will be presented to the new Council in 2019), the Central Pier, Boat Storage Compound, Dock enhancements and realignment within the current foot print (based on Town budgets), Gas Tanks (meeting all future environmental rules) and enhanced boaters/public parking. These focus areas have been highlighted within the Waterfront Design Plan which has been adopted by our Council in principle. As well, the presentation by Mr. Richard Pope who requested that Council look at passing a by-law to create the West Headlands as a naturalized area and Ms. Nicole Beatty and Chief Marsden, Alderville First Nations requested that we look at the renaming of the Langevin Pier. Many of these capital projects will need to be aligned with the 2019-2022 budget process.

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