Does Town Staff or Council Run This Town?

Councillors approved using a consultant to do the User Fee study with a vote of 4 to 2 in favour.

Town staff is responsible for evaluating and bringing forward recommendations and they did what they were supposed to do.

Council is supposed to represent the people to review, evaluate, and question town staff on the need for the study and what alternatives are available. Instead, they have become a rubber stamp for almost everything town staff brings forward. Most Councillors do not know how to say “NO”.

To use a simple example, children have huge wish lists that they give to their parents at Christmas. Parents look at those wish lists and then decide which items are affordable and reasonable for kids to find underneath the tree on Christmas Day. That is good parenting. Bad parenting is giving the kids everything on their wish list.

Similarly, Town staff bring forward their wish lists and Councillors need to decide what is reasonable and affordable. Many Councillors act as bad parents and give the Town staff everything on their wish list.

Council approved the following wish list item.

Council to award a contract to Watson & Associates Economists Ltd for the completion of a Comprehensive User Fee Study for the Town of Cobourg for a total of $ 84,996.60.

Here is how each Councillor voted at each of the council meetings.

Aug 15 VoteSep 6 VoteSep 12 Vote
Mayor John HendersonYesYesAbsent
Deputy Mayor Suzanne SéguinNoNoNo
Councillor Nicole Beatty NoYesYes
Councillor Aaron BurchatYesYesYes
Councillor Adam BureauYesYesYes
Councillor Emily ChorleyNoNoNo
Councillor Brian DarlingYesYesYes

“We applaud Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin for standing up for the people of this Town and saying “NO!” when the request is unreasonable.”

Do you want the other five Councillors running for re-election to continue rubber-stamping and saying yes to the Town staff’s wish list?
Are they really running this Town or is the Town staff running the Town?

You decide!