Development Charge Schedule

Development Charges are levied in Cobourg and in approximately 200 of Ontario’s 444 municipalities. These charges increase the cost of any new residential construction, factories, stores and shopping centres. In general, they are a reason to not build a house or locate a factory in Cobourg. For answers to many questions about development charges and their justification see the Development Charges Act, 1997, S.O. 1997, c. 27

In Cobourg, depending on the location in town, the Development Charge adds $11,589 to $19,999 to the cost of a new single family home. For a 2 bedroom apartment the development charge is $7,248 to $12,507. For an entrepreneur wishing to establish a new business the development charge is $9.90 per square foot of new factory space.

For the complete schedule of development charges in Cobourg see Permit and Dev Fee Chart 2018.