Dejong House Fire and Help Needed at Christmas!

You may have read on Pete Fisher’s Today’s Northumberland that there was a house fire here in Cobourg on Friday at the home of Stephanie Dejong and her two children. Here is a link to the online article

With under two weeks to Christmas, the family has lost everything. I reached out to Stephanie, a single mom, last night and she is worried that her kids will miss Christmas. She works at a long care home here in Cobourg and has been budgeting to buy presents with each paycheck in time for Christmas. They were all wrapped and under the tree but now are gone in the fire. Stephanie is speaking with the insurance agents but as we know that takes time so I am sharing a list of a few gifts that the kids would like for Christmas. I would appreciate any help you can give. I will be co-ordinating any receipts of money, gift cards and gifts to give to Stephanie as soon as possible. If you can help with something on this list, please let me know so we don’t duplicate anything.

Here’s some things Jackson – 12 years old would love for Christmas. He loved his Xbox and his games and saved up all his money for it, so a new Xbox and some Xbox gift cards would be very much appreciated! Raptors apparel or Toronto maple leafs. A basketball. He also loves hockey cards and had a big collection so if anyone has these that would be great. Jackson wears a men’s small in clothes and a size 9 in shoes.

Chloe is 8 years old She misses her soft blanket and her animal pillow. Her favourite colours are pink and blue. Her dolls and her Barbies. She loved her ‘babies’ and had strollers for her dolls. She also loves new clothes. Chloe is a size 8/10 and size 6 in shoes.

Mom (Stephanie) wears a large in scrubs for work. And a 9 in running shoes, but as with most moms, is thinking about her kids first before herself.

Please help if you can. And spread the word. I am trying to keep this low key to respect the family in their time of need so keeping away from social media. There is also a GoFundMe page set up as well, but the need is immediate and we are trying to get the family as much as we can before Christmas!


Suzanne Séguin
Cobourg Deputy Mayor
Town of Cobourg
Cell Phone: (905) 269-1560

Since donations to GoFundMe may not be distributed before Christmas, we are asking that donations be made directly to Suzanne Séguin.

Please contact on where any funds or donations can be picked up.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity.