CTA Position on Venture 13

The Cobourg Taxpayers Association (CTA) sent a letter to Council requesting that Council receive this proposal for information purposes only. We have not taken an official position on the Venture 13 proposal. Our rationale for the request is this: Our perception is that although some town projects are handled well (police, fire, town roads, grass cutting, and other similar projects), we have no confidence with respect to many of the others.

We just have no confidence in the Town getting things done effectively. We would like to see council give direction to the CAO to get back to basics. We are asking Council to consider that it might be better to shore up our town’s foundation by improving the effectiveness of current staff and systems rather than initiating additional projects.

The full letter can be found here:

CTA Position on Venture 13 – A Business Incubator

The news release can be found here:

More information on Venture 13 can be found here on Cobourg Internet.

5/31/2017 Update: Here is an example of what we were referring to about “back to basics”. People are still having problems seeing Council video recordings. Here is a letter sent to John Henderson copying Council about this issue.

Trouble Seeing Council Video Recording

Correction: The original letter mistakenly addressed Mayor Gil Brocanier and Deputy Mayor John Henderson as Councillors. We have noted this and will correctly address them in future correspondence.