CTA Comments on Lakefront Water Meter Replacement Proposal

Update: Feb 18, 2020
Mr Dereck Paul commented on Ken Strauss’s January 6, 2020 delegation. You can read Mr. Paul’s comments here:

Comments on CTA Submission to Council

On February 18, 202, Ken Strauss did another delegation to address Mr. Paul’s comments. You can read his delegation here:

CTA Response to Mr’s Paul’s Comments

Ken Strauss, CTA Director, gave a delegation outlining concerns regarding a Lakefront Utility Services request to borrow $2.3M from the Town to complete an initiative related to changing out aging water meters in the Town of Cobourg. Mr. Strauss provided information on less expensive alternative approaches together with a summary of errors and omissions in the report that was submitted with the loan request.

Cobourg water rates have increased by 9% each year and rates are expected to increase at a similar pace in the future. We urge Council to reject this proposal from Lakefront and request that a fiscally responsible alternative be provided.

You can read his delegation here:

CTA Comments on Lakefront Watermeter Replacement Proposal

Bryan Lambert also did a delegation as a private citizen, further identifying the proposal as seriously flawed with errors and
missing a full proper analysis. You can read his delegation here:

Comments and Analysis regarding the Waterworks Water Meter replacement Proposal and the Related $2.3 M loan Request

Mr Dereck Paul, the CEO of Lakefront Utilities, was provided an opportunity by Council to respond to the CTA’s comments. 

The CTA stands by its comments and welcomes Mr Paul to provide proof to the contrary. 

You can read a paraphrase of his comments here:

Lakefront Water Meter Replacement – Response From Dereck Paul