CTA Calls for Zero Tax Increase for 2016

We are calling on Council to approve a zero tax increase budget for 2016.

In a letter addressed yesterday to the Mayor and members of Council, CTA President Lydia Smith asked that they show leadership by instructing staff to produce a 2016 Town budget resulting in no increase in the municipal portion of property taxes that citizens pay.

This is a copy of the letter sent to the Mayor and Council:

March 20, 2016

To the Mayor and Council

The citizens of Cobourg need to see a zero municipal tax increase in the 2016 Town budget resulting in no increase in the municipal taxes they pay.

We ask you, the mayor and council, to show leadership by instructing staff to produce a net zero budget; otherwise, staff will do as they have done in the past and produce a budget that is considerably in excess of the cost of living increase. It is time to return to the cost of living baseline and a zero budget increase starts the process.

Over 25% our town’s population, seniors, are on fixed incomes. Every tax increase takes more money out of the hands of seniors and hard-working middle and low income families. This lost money could be used instead to stimulate economic development through increased discretionary spending.

Lower municipal taxes would also be the best economic development strategy for retaining existing retail and manufacturing businesses and attracting new firms and families to Cobourg.

By applying some creative thinking and trimming some of the waste, it is possible to have no increase. We ask Town Council to show they are listening to their citizens and bring in a zero tax increase for the Cobourg municipal tax.

Thank you for your efforts.

Lydia Smith
President, Cobourg Taxpayers Association

For a copy of the media release, click here

UPDATE: Response to CTA’s email.

Dear Lydia,
Your Municipal Tax Letter will be received for information purposes.

John Henderson
Town of Cobourg
Deputy Mayor