Comments from Supporters

  • No more destruction of our waterfront resources tranquility
  • Escalating cost of utilities (water,sewer, electricity)
  • Raising taxes every year. Instead cut spending
  • Don’t take away or charge for things taxpayers enjoy such as free parking areas
  • Too much snow removal – could be cost effective – reduce frequency
    Medical Arts Bldg. Subsidy
  • Wants to know what happened to ‘Park and Recreation increased cost justification? What is happening there?’
  • Why are they consistently pursuing new residential development when we know that the residential developments always cost us money, not make us money? (i.e. proposed overpass west of Pebble Beach >> not needed
  • Re the new cobourg Via Rail addition/overpasss? Built with Federal money, does this affect the town taxpayers in any way?
  • Downtown isn’t supported by Town Council. Does Council ever shop downtown or do they shop out of town. No public washrooms downtown & no parking. It just doesn’t work anymore.