Cobourg Tax Increase Not Acceptable

Cobourg’s 2022 Operating Budget is increasing 6.3%. After accounting for New Assessment Growth of 2.2%, the average resident will see an increase of 4.1% but for some the increase will be much more. Other municipalities tax increases are much lower. The Township of Hamilton increase is 2% or less than half of Cobourg’s increase.

This Council has lost touch with its residents. They were elected to represent the people of Cobourg. This budget reflects that most of them no longer understand they should be representing the majority of the Town’s residents and doing all they can to spend their money wisely.

Deputy Mayor Seguin and Councillor Chorley seem to be the only ones that get it and have tried to do the right thing for residents by voting against a budget that will especially hurt those that are most vulnerable. 

Twelve new hires account for almost $1 million of the tax levy increase. The cost of these new hires is equal to the total amount of the Cobourg property tax increase. How did these hires become so critical that they are needed all at once right now?

Two Councillors voted against approving the current budget.
That indicates this budget is not acceptable.

Cobourg taxpayers should be asking those Councillors who are approving this significant tax increase to explain themselves.

Cobourg residents are hurting with inflationary increases in basic items like food and shelter but most of Council has lost sight of that.

The Mayor and the other Councillors should be embarrassed by this budget. They could have done a lot more but chose not to.

They need to explain themselves. If not now, then at election time.