Candidate Responses to CTA Questions

The CTA is proud to present our questions to and answers from our municipal candidates. We thank all those who sent in questions for our consideration. It has been a surprising amount of work to come up with good questions that are clear, cover the issues thoroughly and that don’t allow a lot of wiggle room. 

We found that the candidates’ responses give a lot of useful information as to what kind of Councillor they might make. Some of the answers really concern us. Why are some of the incumbents (including our acclaimed Mayor) against Question and Answer period? I suggest you contact them and let them know you disagree with their position.

We see these questions and answers as a jumping off point to get you thinking about what is really important to you and how to help our Town thrive. Put your thinking cap on. Have some fun. Get involved. Call or write some or all of the Candidates and make your voice heard.

To view the candidates brochures go to Candidate Brochures. Note that several candidates chose not to provide a simple yes/no answer to some of the questions. Others did not answer any of the questions.