2016 Town Financial Spend Finally Available

The CTA wrote to Deputy Mayor Henderson and Council several months ago to ask how our town was doing financially with respect to the budget. We wanted to know if we were on track or whether we were over budget. We were disappointed because we were not given the actual spend numbers.

Lydia Smith asked the question again at the public budget submission meeting on October 12th. Still no reply. Still no actuals.

Lydia Smith’s October 12, 2016 presentation
Letter to Deputy Mayor Henderson; July 8, 2016

11/19/2016 UPDATE: The Town’s actual financial spending for the period ended September, 30, 2016 was finally made available. Hopefully, in future, the financial spend will be at least provided to Council quarterly. Town of Cobourg Budget Variance Report can be found here:

Town of Cobourg Budget Variance Report